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Better Than Free Guarantee

0 - 10 Players: 11 - 50 Players: (Standard) 51+ Players: (Mega)
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Price Includes:
  1. Personally Designed Webpage Hosted and Updated by WYWI containing your content, whatever you want. (Not just poker!)

  2. 2 Professionally Facilitated Texas Hold'em Tournaments Lasting Aproximately 5.5 hours.

  3. All needed poker tables, plastic cards, 13.5 gram casino chips. We take pride in our equipment and all worn supplies are replaced on a regular basis.

  4. Programs that Encourage Players to Spend Money and Promote your Establishment.

We have built a pricing model that ensures value. If 10 or less players participate, your event is better than free. You will be credited for the event but your business will still benefit from the cash sales from our players. You still gain the exposure and benefit of your personal web page, and you still have the owner's personal touch to ensure attendance grows. We will work for free until the player base for your event exceeds one full table. At that point, it is scalable (Standard: $50 to $150) or (Mega: $200 - $250) depending on the number of players. As the player attendance continues to grow, your revenue will continue to grow.

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