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The WYWI Legacy

Win Your Way In, LLC (WYWI) began in 2005 with a handful of locations. The league grew very quickly and soon had over 100 events a week spanning throughout Washington state. Over the course of a decade the league went through changes, exchanged hands and venues, but always remained the premier poker league in the Puget Sound. Chances are, if you played free poker in Washington, you played with WYWI.

The first year, WYWI sent someone to the WSOP main event in Las Vegas. Soon after, it was discovered the maintenance of point tracking for 10,000 players was overwhelming and the league went to a different system of advancing. Although players continued to win cash, tournament entries, and other prizes, the Las Vegas main event has not held a WYWI sponsored player since. That may change in 2016...

In 2008, the League was purchased and the player base continued to develop over the course of the last seven years.

In 2005, I remember walking into the No Bull Saloon in Renton where I experienced close to a hundred players gathering to play free poker. The energy of the room was over the top! It certainly was exciting! Did I win...? Nope. But I have won a time or two since...!

Sean Conner, Owner WYWI

In 2015, the League was purchased by Sean Conner and Ken Bass. Committed to infusing the League with New Equipment and New Technology, they have reinstated the original point based league and will send someone to the WSOP main event in Las Vegas.

We bought new tables and 13g clay casino chips because we believe in showing our new commitment to the players for the premier poker league experience. In addition, I created a web application that keeps track of points and enables quick point entry centrally. In addition to point tracking the app tracks player statistics. All of this is available for free on

Sean Conner, Owner WYWI

Our Commitment
Our Vision
To Our Players
To Our Customers
  • We are dedicated to create an experience unlike no other. We will always put our players and customers before everything else.

  • We want to send more people to WSOP and WPT events than any other poker league. We want to be everywhere and contain everyone while giving hosts and players the personal home game touch.

  • Have a lot fun. Play a lot of Poker. Enjoy your lives and bring passion, fun, and excitement to the [poker] table. Leave your troubles before you walk in the door. This is a great place to learn to play, to bring your spouse, and have a inexpensive night out.

  • When you enter into a partnership with us, we promise we will make it work. The new ownership of WYWI is engaged and active. You can talk to anyone on this page to make it happen.

Sean "All In" Conner


Emily "No Bluff" Conner

Owner, Accounting Manager.